WordPress WP e-Commerce Online Payment Plugin Tutorial – ICEPAY

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This video tutorial explains the easy steps to install the ICEPAY WP e-Commerce Online Payment plugin for your WordPress Webshop.

Make it possible for customers to pay in your WordPress WP e-Commerce webshop. Download the ICEPAY WP e-Commerce Online Payment plugin and you will have the most popular, national as well as international online payment methods.

Read more about our WordPress online payment solution: http://www.icepay.com/webshop-modules/online-payments-for-wordpress-ecommerce

Or download the plugin directly from the WordPress Plugin directory: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/icepay-online-payment-plugin-for-wp-ecommerce/

If you have any questions related to our solutions, services, accounts or webshop modules please contact us:
On our website: http://www.icepay.com/Contact
Or on Twitter: https://twitter.com/icepay_nl

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3 thoughts on “WordPress WP e-Commerce Online Payment Plugin Tutorial – ICEPAY

  1. I work as a web developer and I just recorded a bunch of video tutorials regarding wordpress. It really is the most extensive wordpress package of 2013. Period. Want to learn more? click on my username. I posted a link to this unique training.

  2. Hi,

    i have a question, i followed up your video (thank you by the way) with installing the plugin for my website. Although after making a account and trying to "activate" the plugin into my website, it gives me a "fatal error". Could you please help me or tell me what should happen to fix this, and so using the ICE PAY plugin for my website?

    Thank You!

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