WordPress with Avada Theme Setup for Professional Website

Here’s Part 1 of a series of videos that will show how you can create a professional-looking website with WordPress and the popular Avada Theme. In this video we show how to install WordPress to a host server, then ftp transfer Avada to the themes folder on your WordPress Site. I go through some basic setup and activation of plugins, and show some sample content from Avada that will get you off and running with the theme. Here’s Part 2 – Many more coming soon: http://youtu.be/WHNOwP_89Cs

19 thoughts on “WordPress with Avada Theme Setup for Professional Website

  1. very bad … Half the video talking about the hosting, installation of just this topic. We need you to leave with avada installed , and only explain the advanced settings without wasting time in elementary explanations and nothing else.

  2. My goodness Tony, I did a Google on how to use avada theme and clicked on the video in the google panel. When it bought up the Youtube page and I heard the voice, I said, I know that voice. Low and behold, it's Tony Lee Glenn doing the video. You do EVERYTHING !…. Superman Tony !…. – Thanks for the tut.

  3. Thank you for the finally getting to the installation.  i see you love Go Pro Freak.  Expect, you header has lead WordPress users here and you spent 13 mins talking about Go Pro Freak, lolol   You helped me tho, Thank You!  Thx to you, i'm on my way and have a way better idea of how to fool around with this WP…  Was hoping you spent more time on Avada, 🙁   checking you Youtube page now for a follow up video.

  4. Here is my problem.  I have inherited a website made on Avada (http://www.cicerofs.org) and I am so lost when I comes to WordPress.  Is there a way I can do the Testimonial (on home page bottom) with a slider or insert navigation?.  I also want to put a bio for every Staff member (I tried with a drop and I get a little arrow thing I don't like) a different more efficient way?  HELP!  You video was so nicely done, you obviously know you stuff ;-)

  5. Hi Tony.

    I'm currently putting a professional website together using this theme. However, I do not know a single thing about website design. I'm looking forward to your next editions to learn more.

    Do you have an ETA on the next series?

  6. Cheers Tony. Just bought the theme. Enjoyed part 1, and would love to see part 2 and 3. Playing around with it and working my way through it. You have a lot of very interesting content on your channel. Looking forward to viewing it whenever I get a second of downtime

  7. Tony, You did a great job. After listening to your video I'm tempted to get AVADA.  I'd love to see your follow-up Video to see how it worked for you, before I take the leap.    

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