WordPress Basics #9 – Adding A Page

The 9th video in the new WordPress Basics video series. Here we show you how to add new page to your WordPress site.

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12 thoughts on “WordPress Basics #9 – Adding A Page

  1. I'm very confused and getting quite frustrated. First I paid for my website name. Second it is not nice and easy. I have created two pages but when I go to the website only one shows. There is no modfiying what wordpress has put on the menue option. I can not change anything why?

  2. hi, really nice video. lets say a user is clicking on one of the parents pages. How can i create posts that is not linked under that parent page, but is still shown when user click on it? you get what i am saying?

  3. Thanks – I'm still having a problem though.  If I click on "New" at the top of the Dashboard, then Pages, it just takes me to the "Page" page.  I've already got several pages on my site.  On the right of each of the pages list is an "add new" button.  When I click that, it appears to be trying to add a child page.  I'm guessing the procedure to add a new page has changed since the last time I added a page.

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