Why I Don’t Believe In Big Ass Business Plans | How To Make A Living From Home For Real

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4 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Believe In Big Ass Business Plans | How To Make A Living From Home For Real

  1. hello Glendon. Me and my boyfriend have been researching storage unit auctions for about almost a year now. We have experience with craigslist and enjoy selling stuff, buying stuff at garage sales and reselling for a profit, etc, and have been really wanting to work for ourselves doing storage units. We just sold our home and will be getting rid of my car to get a truck in order to move ahead with our business plan. I heard you mention people don't know the type of vehicle you need. Just wanted your opinion. We want to get an SUV and we would have a trailer or 2 (considering keeping a spare just for scrap metal to be taken in when we have a load full) but I just wanted your opinion on the best vehicle, would a pick-up truck be better? Our concern is we also have 3 cats to transport as we may be moving across country in a year or so, so the extra space of an SUV is needed, but obviously you can fit more in a truck with a bed. In you opinion what is the best vehicle? also the most cost effective vehicle? (considering cost, would be buying used, gas milage, etc) Also what type of trailer would be best and most cost effective? Covered, flat, etc. We still have a lot more learning to do, but the vehicle is the first major step for us. Thanks so much and look forward to hearing you thought, and any other info you can provide! :)

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