Web Marketing: How to Add Keywords to Your WordPress Website

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Many people get their WordPress website set up and then wonder how to add in things like keywords so that Google can find them for those keywords. While there are several parts to optimizing your site and building a campaign so that Google will rank you for your keywords, one of the first things to do is to integrate your selected keywords into your website pages. (Download my webinar recording on the 7 key strategies of search engine optimization or review my page on search engine optimization services for more about that.)

You want to be able to add keywords into the page code (called the “META data” for the page) as well as into the title of the page for the most value with Google. It also helps if you can include the keywords in the text on your page, in your image titles and tags as well as in your text…

32 thoughts on “Web Marketing: How to Add Keywords to Your WordPress Website

  1. I downloaded the SEO Package onto my desktop, click add plugin and upload in word press and its not letting me select the whole folder of SEO. You have to select a file inside it and there are tons in the folder that downloaded. Can you help? Thanks

  2. hi, So can you tell me with two or three simple sentences? we first got the keyword from adwords planner with a low competition and a decent number of visitors, right? And then we have to type those keywords at the keyword box in the SEO plugin? right?

  3. This is great and really clear – thanks! I'm a novice, and when I went to upload, there was a choice of a whole bunch of files that all say all in one sep pack. Would love to know which to choose!

  4. I've done this Tech Diva, but still when you look at the source code, it shows no keywords but the word florida. So im confused if is working , florida has nothing to do with me

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