Video Background in WordPress with Visual Composer

Apply a fullscreen video as a background on your WordPress website.

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In this video I show you how you can apply a video background to your WordPress website with the Visual Composer. A fullscreen video background is a feature of many modern webpages like Airbnb , Apple or Diesel. It gives a real modern touch to your webpage and just looks fantastic. With the visual composer plugin it is very easy to apply a video as a background.
The visual composer is the most helpful plugin for WordPress that I know. It gives you a lot of flexibility and let’s you create amazing website layouts in very short time.

This way it is very easy to create a website like airbnb, a website like apple or a website like paypal!

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20 thoughts on “Video Background in WordPress with Visual Composer

  1. Hi, this is a very good help how it works on a single site. But do you have a help how I can set this in my website x theme ethos above the masthead? There normaly is the post carousel, thanks

  2. I purchased the all in one extension and it still only gives me a youtube option video background and not my own uploaded media, can you please guide me on how to make the option in your video appear. Thanks

  3. Hey, can you help me please?
    i did as you said in the video, it worked in browser display, but when i open it in mobile, the video dont play, how can i fix this problem?

  4. Hi, thanks for this video. How can we change the height of the video and in the row setting, can you explain the Row Heigh (padding) and Row Columns Layout (gaps), how it can affect the video. Thanks!

  5. Joaas,
    So I really like the Zephyr theme and I love using the video, but I was wondering if you would know why or have any suggestions.
    When I shrink down the webpage on my computer or try and view it on my iPhone I don't see the video, all I get is a white screen where the video should be.
    Have you experienced the same issue?
    Would I also need to put a picture in as well?Thanks!

  6. Hi Jonas,

    Amazing video but I have some questions before I purchase, and I could not find the answers at the website. It says something about getting permission before using in my Theme… how else would I use it if not in my Theme (Standard WP theme like Responsive) and is the price good for life or does it renew each year? Does it work in any WordPress Theme or just some?


  7. Hi Jonas, Thank you for the tutorial. I have a video that I have hosted and on the website background. However, because it is not a full screen video, it cuts off the lower half of the video. Ideally I would like to center the video position. Can you tell me how this is possible? I have noticed that when using a youtube video, it automatically positions the video in the middle. However, there is too much lag time with youtube so I would like to host it myself. How can I position it where I would like it.
    Thank you so much.

  8. Hey Jonas, im sorry but i am missing the start. My question is how to get to this point?
    Like build the rows and so on. I must be missing something and this part must be so was, as nobody else asked about this ;(

  9. Hi, I have bought both plugins, but now I can upload only video background from youtube (OGG video format does not work already) Problem is, that the video background from youtube does not work on tablets or mobile devices. Do you have any idea, how to create video background on wordpress site, that can you see on all devices? I tried to make a video background with revolution Slider, but I have the same problem… Thanks a lot for any help! Barbara

  10. Thank you for your tutorial! I'm very new to website building so this is the third video I've watched to try and figure this out with Visual Composer. I was wondering, do you need a specific sample website to do this? I tried this and my row settings don't have as many options as you've shown in this video. I saw the background image option but no background video option!

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