Vellum – A Super-Flexible WordPress Theme by Parallelus Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping in. Today I’m reviewing (or just giving you a tour of) a new WordPress theme called “Vellum” by Parallelus. It’s a very diverse and powerful theme that makes it very easy to have an awesome and professional website created in a very short time.

You can see for yourself what makes Vellum so cool here:

If you’d like me to do more WordPress reviews and tours, let me know in the comments. If you need assistance setting up your new WordPress theme for your site, Pryor Media can help you out!

If you like this theme and my videos, please comment and let me know! Thanks for watching! Links to the theme are affiliate links that help support the channel and future videos.

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7 thoughts on “Vellum – A Super-Flexible WordPress Theme by Parallelus

  1. I love this theme — but on the iPad4 the scrolling seems glitchy – specifically when you try to scroll from the home page fullscreen… At least thats the way it responds on the live preview. Any thoughts… does this happen with the full purchased version?

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