Understanding the Basics of WordPress and How to Use It…

In this Daily Blob Eli the Computer Guy discusses how WordPress works and why it is a valuable tool for any consultant or technician. He explains the overall concept for WordPress and then demos the admin panels and what is required to maintain a WordPress site.

45 thoughts on “Understanding the Basics of WordPress and How to Use It…

  1. Best video explaining the WordPress concept i found specially for a novice like me. Lost a lot of time watching tons of videos trying to understand it until I saw this one. Excellent work.

  2. hi sir.its a nice video.very very helpful for me and my new project.at this moment i am creating a e-commerce website by using wordpress.i have one question.i want to see update my database after any customers buy or choose product for add to basket.i do not know how to do it. once any customer buy product, the product quantity will be deducted automatically from website.also can i add quantity when i upload any product?Could u please help me out.Thanks

  3. QUESTION – Tried to sign up for On Force and they asked if I had liability insurance?  What is this, why do I need it, how do I get it and how much does it cost?


  4. At ten minutes into this video Eli has yet to present anything about WordPress, instead using your interest in WordPress to promote his own personal agenda including meet ups and self improvement classes.

  5. thank you for all this knowledge Eli,i was wondering if you recommend paypal,since i plan on using their services,but have been hearing stories about them,again,thank you.

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  9. I've looked at several of the videos from this guy and this will be the last; he's a shyster and a clown. If you want to learn about a subject, you would be far better watching videos made by people who know what they're talking about and who show you how through video capture of their computer screen. A guy reclined in a chair, rambling about irrelevant stuff isn't a productive way to teach to learn WordPress, is it? Don't get me started about his PHP code examples scribbled on a whiteboard!!!!

  10. Eli, Eli, my man Eli…you spent the first 17 minutes talking about how much money you are making and how well you're doing. That might impress the folks hoping to make a living off the Internet — but it is considerably annoying to a guy like myself who tuned to this specific video to learn how to do a better job advertising my brick n mortar businesses than all the "Putz's" I've hired in the past. This is the first time you disappointed me — No hard feelings, just keeping it real.

  11. What do you design themes with? it sounded like you said "artisphere" but I googled it and it's not that. BTW thank you for your excellent videos. I run them all day like talk radio. =)

  12. Hi i already have a website made from css in dreamweaver. i would like to transfer over to wordpress and could you please explain how i can install wordpress onto my 123.reg web hosting package?

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