The Revolution of Crypto Currency – The Zen of Monetization #2

In “The Revolution of Crypto Currency – The Zen of Monetization #2” you get a quick overview of bitcoin technology. Find out why it’s interesting, how it works and what are the main challenges.

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33 thoughts on “The Revolution of Crypto Currency – The Zen of Monetization #2

  1. "Didn't claim any of the revenue" isn't exactly accurate, we know Satoshi has at least 1mil BTC stashed. Will he ever move them? Probably not, at least not any time soon. They could be burned, but who knows.

  2. "Almost no cost" is mis-information, there is a fee market which is currently heavily subsidized, and because adoption of bitcoin is low the demands on the network are low.

    If/when mainstream adoption happens, the fees will go way up.

    TLDR: Dont count on low fees forever, the network needs to be scaled up with payment-layers for everyone to have low fees.

  3. "Some interesting startups that push this technology forward: MtGox, Tradehill, ButterflyLabs"
    Wow, the video released yesterday and it's already dated by a few years…

  4. If I've read my news right, banks are already scrambling to implement the concept of the cryptochain to their ledgers: a distributed record of all transactions with nonrepudiation?

  5. This is a great attitude Google; good for you. I've been studying cryptocurrency myself for years, and realized that the future is a public and private ledger, working in harmony. You should also seriously look into the largest Cryptonote project: Monero. It is the most advanced Blockchain on Earth, and finally accomplishes the holy grail of decentralized, digital, private money.

  6. Cool. There are a lot of possibilities with this tech. It's also awesome because it's open source, so bitcoin promotes innovation at the edges.

    Technologically, in 2016, bitcoin is going to evolve a lot. The next wave of innovation is in testing. Google "lightning network" and/or "segwit".

  7. Wrong in the first sentence! "Bitcoin represents a way to transfer money anonymously and …" it is NOT anonymously, it's pseudonymous (since you can attach idententity to receipients and The blockchain is public) BIG difference!

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