Squarespace Developer Meetup featuring: Jason Barone

This footage was edited from a Meetup that took place on July 30, 2014.

For more information: http://developers.squarespace.com/

6 thoughts on “Squarespace Developer Meetup featuring: Jason Barone

  1. Really enjoyed this, thanks. As a long time Squarespace user, but based in NZ, I just wish the commerce solution would hurry up and come here! I'm a Shopify expert and I love that platform, but it'd be awesome to be able to finally have the power of the SS CMS, combined with commerce … but I'll just keep on waiting. Hopefully one day Stripe finally makes it here or SS present some other commerce solution for all the parts of the world (and there are MANY) who can't use Stripe yet.

  2. Squarespace will really be a game changer if it had a fully customizable wireframe option for people to create their own personal look, without using any templates. Or simply just having a designer or themselves upload their own personal photoshop or illustrator wireframe file without you having to code. The templates they have up right now are nice but the money I believe is in originality. I think SquareSpace has proved it by given their customers options. But adding more templates are just going to confuse new customers. The templates up right now are nice but how many times are you going to change these colors and move things arounds? Keep certain templates optional but give people more options just like you've done by uploading graphics today. Can't wait for the future of Squarespace I think you guys are heading in the right direction without people having the time to learn on how to code and develop. Fast and Easy! I honestly think Squarespace needs their own personal pluggins nothing compare to WordPress.

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