Softball pitching tips with Amanda Scarborough

Former Texas A&M All-American softball pitcher Amanda Scarborough breaks down the fundamentals of several different softball pitches. For more info, visit and

For more softball pitching tips, visit:

35 thoughts on “Softball pitching tips with Amanda Scarborough

  1. Will a left-handed pitcher hold the ball backwards? Like, for the fastball, she finds the c in the seams, so would a left-handed pitcher find the backwards c?

  2. you have to have 2 feet on the mound and you should be glad to be a pitcher yes you can use this for 10 u i am a really successful pitcher thanks to you Amanda

  3. Thank you so much, this is very helpful! I started playing again today after 4 years and I pitched for one inning.. Let's just say it wasn't my greatest time as pitcher. My release was all over the place and it was pretty embarrassing because I know I can pitch! Hopefully now I can redeem myself ?

  4. Thanks so much this help me a lot I'm just beginning to play and I'm getting good at softball ??I love your tips show more different ways to pitch it like holding it plz

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  6. I need help really bad because I want to play this year in high school and the workouts are tomorrow!!! :(. I'm scared to death and what if they tell me to pitch? I don't know how to pitch!!! Like I need one on one!!!!

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