Selling the Invisible Value – How to Sell Services

Selling Services – Selling the Invisible Value by tying it back to Financial, Psychological and Physical. For more sales training videos, go to

10 thoughts on “Selling the Invisible Value – How to Sell Services

  1. Hi Victor! I'm a student studying in grade 10 and I have a business competition where I have to set up a hypothetical business plan. I've gone through many of your videos and they have given me amazing ideas.  But I have a question (and I hope that you answer it in time)  how do you pitch a service to investors? :)

  2. Hi Victor, I teach Commercial English in Spain, and I ve found all your videos as a great tool to suppor my lessons! Congrats for them they are excellent! By the way I believe that your example of martial arts and how to provide benefits for services is valid for any kind of service a company may offer..

  3. Hi victor I'm a huge fan of your videos.

    I was just wondering, does this apply to all kinds of services?

    I run an online mastering service, and can't Think of a way it would benefit my musician clients physically. 

  4. Hello victor . I'm doing sales as well . But not a big bussiness . We have a Elite Partnership with Samsung so thats makes our store special than other store . Our problem is pricing . We usually sell according to the price given by Samsung . But the other store tend to give a giant discount which dropped our sales . We offer full package services and many free item as well . But customer always comes for us to ask for info about specific phone and end up buying on the other store . Please help . 

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