Remove Encrypted Footer Links In WordPress Tutorials By Sathya

Most of wordpress templates have footer links. That footer links are not good for SEO. Some theme designers using encrypted links on footer. Ordinary people can’t find the code of that links. Just follow our easy steps to remove that encrypted footer links.

25 thoughts on “Remove Encrypted Footer Links In WordPress Tutorials By Sathya

  1. Hi. I implemented your method, but the website goes blank after I add the hyphens. Can you please send me your email address, so that we can discuss my project in more details? Thanks.

  2. <?php
     * General index template
     *@package   Receptar
     *@copyright 2015 WebMan – Oliver Juhas
     *@since   1.0
     *@version 1.3


    get_template_part( 'template-parts/loop', 'index' );


  3. Sathya, i try at Ftheme one, but not work, after copy all the section with the slashes, and paste at footer.php, when i reload came a message: keep the footer links intacts please. Have help?

  4. Hi Satya, I followed your procedure,
    there are no ——————– hifons reflecting when im checking page source,
    neither in my live site they are reflecting.

    what do i do?

  5. Take my comment back from previous post. Doing as you advise will cause the wordpress login details to be presented below the website. Also showing outsiders your login name. Don't use this on wordpress. I changed mine back and followed some other tutorial.

  6. Polly the Parrot says…who's a clever boy.

    Top Man. Word-press and theme titles will direct your website to word press only driving all traffic to word-press, not what every budding word-presser wants.. If you pay for word press & hosting then theses built-in-links should be removed a default.They shouldn't be included in your purchased  word-press/hosting package. My site clean of that crap now thanks to you. Big thumbs to you.

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