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All right, I’m sorry.
Don’t worry guys, this’ll be the last Pokemon Plugin for a bit.
Would love to do more, but gotta do more of the other serieses (is that how you spell it?)

Anyway….be sure you download the most updated version of the Pokemon Type System. Had to edit it to make it compatible with extension Plugins cause I’m so dumb 🙁

So yup, next time, prepare for the good stuff!
We’ll get the stat system with Natures, EVs, IVs, and more! (hopefully….)


Background Music:
Pokemon XY Route 15 Remix
by GlitchxCity

5 thoughts on “Pokemon Type Display Plugin – RPG Maker MV

  1. Hey Rndmdde. thanks these plugins are great. wondered if there was a way to set up the ol' fashioned "we made eye contact , now we gotta battle" scenario?I've tried using switches but its gotten me puzzled. thanks again.

  2. please make sure to implement these before abandoning this series: pokeballs (with different possible properties), trainer battle mechanics, switching Pokemon, abilities, gendered Pokémon for breeding, evolution methods, exp and level gain similar to Pokémon (levels up during battle, not after), (yanfly I believe already made an enemy level and party size plugins so you don't need to make that), and Pokémon moves and stats independent of class. Sorry that you might have read this, but I wanted to make sure that you will not leave stuff out.

  3. Do you plan on making more tutorials on Pokemon stuff for RPG Maker MV after you get all your plugins out? Tutorials like, how to set up trainer battles? How to make a rival? How to make a Gym Battle? How to make Pokemon Sprites appear as the Pokemon's portaits?

  4. For a moment I thought you would only make a wordpress article. I would have killed you. Then I would have ate your soul. And as you owe satan a soul, I would force your dead and soulless body to lend him your time machine, wich he would have used to go back to your birth and eat your soul before you would have lived enough time to fail me.

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