Part 4 – WordPress Theme Development – Create Custom Options with Settings API

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How to build a Premium Theme for WordPress – Lesson 4
How to create Custom Options with Settings API

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17 thoughts on “Part 4 – WordPress Theme Development – Create Custom Options with Settings API

  1. hi Alessandro can you tell me one thing in case we have to add multiple add_settings_field in one section, can it is possible for only one callback function for all settings field because I don't wanna use diffrent diffrent callback function for it like when we create slideshow option it has more input name like: title, caption, link, choose image, alt so that is it possible for use only one call back function to show all of these inputs please solve it soon I have to create whole manage theme option for my custom theme. thanks

  2. Everything was working until now. I'm having problems saving the data. When I type in the field and submit, the name doesn't stick or show up at all. I went back several times through the video and checked my code. It looks correct and I can't see any typos or misspellings. I'm at a loss right now.

    Edit: Went back again and fixed it. Turns out it was a misspelling in my code. In my case it was "methood". /sigh
    Sorry about that.

  3. Great lesson, at the very end of lesson I have experienced an error with "Saving Changes" I have got response "Settings saved." but name that I have entered in field disappeared, than I figured out that I had an spelling error in "get_option" where I have wrote 'fist_name' instead of 'first_name'. Thank you for dedicating your time for us!

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