Here are my favorite tips for staying productive and my best tips and tricks to manage my time effectively. I’m not perfect, but I’m not shooting for perfection. Just success. 🙂

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24 thoughts on “ORGANIZING TIME MANAGEMENT | How to be productive

  1. I LOVE the idea of categorizing the "to do" list and limiting it to seven items per day. What a great idea! Thank you!!! I've also just started using the 30/30 APP! Have you heard of it? It's free! It keeps you from getting bogged down on one task. You set timers for each task to keep you moving. So I might set a timer for 30 minutes to straighten my bedroom, 1 hour for doing grad school work, 30 minutes for meal prep, etc. The timers then go off and I know to move to the next task. It helps me plan my use of time more efficiently, too.

  2. The problem for me when it comes to being organized is..sticking by the schedule. I'll follow all rules for maybe 2 weeks before I start to skip activities I planned out. Muting my phone when notifications pop up (i have to remind myself to eat)

  3. When would you write your list? The night before, or the morning of? I've made lists for myself the night before or day before and find that when the day actually comes, I sometimes just don't have the energy to complete my list.

  4. Great video….very easy to follow! You can’t manage time. It’s that simple. There is no such thing as managing time. Time is a limited resource.

    What you can do is find out where you are allowing time suckers and wasters to use up this limited resource in an unproductive manner.

    This is more self-management than time-management. I bet right now you can write down at least five activities that you do each day that are unproductive and can be classed as Time Wasters.

  5. Subscribed! you are so sweet and love how real you are! It is definitely overwhelming to try and get everything done, as you mentioned it is okay not to be perfect. Thank you :)

  6. thanks so much
    how's that supposed to work with me if i study 24/7 and i rarely sleep 🙁
    we study everything! 3 languages, physics, chemistry, Biology and Geology!
    each teacher gives tons of homework!
    and when i say tons i mean it ?

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