NOT A PODCAST THINGY #6 | Giallo Films | My Collection (So Far)

It’s been a while (apologies about that!). Today I thought I would tackle the topic of the giallo. In this first of probably many podcasts deicated to the genre, I thought I would start off by showing off my small collection of films.

Reviews for any films mentioned:

A look at the Giallo box set:

The New York Ripper:


5 Dolls For an August Moon:

What Have You Done to Solange?:

Giallo Films Playlist:

Feel free to leave topic suggestions and/or questions!

Music by bensound:


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One thought on “NOT A PODCAST THINGY #6 | Giallo Films | My Collection (So Far)

  1. I bought the shameless versions of The Strange vice of Mrs Wardh and The frightened Woman (both 2nd hand) the other day, one cost £10 & the other only £7. I got them in my local shopping center in a store called "entertainment exchange" ( I also got ratman there as well) The store buys & sells DVDs,blu rays,CDs, video games, tablets etc)

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