“Monday Morning PepTalk” The Greatest Story Never Told”

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18 thoughts on ““Monday Morning PepTalk” The Greatest Story Never Told”

  1. Thank you so much for reassuring the beauty of being unique and happy. Sure my mother wants me to be deeply religious and live in East Carolina running her nonprofit and fighting for black power with my stepfather. I commend them but that's not for me. I get flack for finishing college and pursuing my career in entreprenuership in hotels and entertainment.

  2. @dkdjhh – there are some people who will fail on purpose to prove that good advice is not good, I see it all the time. You become what you think about the most, you think you will fail all the time, guess who is coming to dinner?

  3. @TheGamblingApocalyps – dude why do people bring up the most dire circumstances to make a point. Fact most millionaires are not losing their shit, FACT most of them are getting RICHER- to address your example, I thought about getting into investment property and it did not make me feel comfortable to be leverage that much, ie that was a decision- no one puts a gun to your head to make you make an investment, if you are smart you would have those properties insured and make out like a fat cat.

  4. "Your life is EXACTLY how you want it to be. It's a choice."

    Not necessarily, man. Life can throw you some serious curve balls some times and you can't do shit about it. Suppose a string of Investment properties you bought get buried in an avalanche or burn up 45 minutes before the insurance coverage kicks in and you get completely wiped out. Million dollars – gone with no recourse. What do you do about that? Nobody signed up for or wanted that shit, but it's what they got regardless.

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