IT Life – 67 – Pros And Cons Of WordPress Development – 02/23/2016

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Wordpress. I’ve been a huge fan of word press for about 8 to 10 years. It’s honestly one of the most powerful platforms for web development in the entire world. I believe the last statistic I read was an upwards of 70% of all websites are powered by WordPress in some way, shape or form. That’s totally awesome considering how big the Internet is.

Why is WordPress so popular? Well as a single developer who’s writing a webpage you can develop enterprise-level websites all by your lonesome. I was able to develop a professional e-Commerce website that results in over three quarter million dollars in sales annually simply depending on the plug-ins in themes from third-party developers.

If I were to try to develop that website on my own it would take years to develop. WordPress allows me to not only develop with it but test variations, experiment, and even deploy new features within hours… Let alone weeks. That kind…

7 thoughts on “IT Life – 67 – Pros And Cons Of WordPress Development – 02/23/2016

  1. Hmmm… didn't this start off as a daily vlog? The problem (or issue) with something like that is trying to keep it relevant and interesting given the fact that most of our lives are pretty mundane. What "could" add life to your vlog is to turn the camera around and take us on a drive to your office or coffee shop or wherever. And while you drive, you could simply comment on life, the town/city, problems and so forth. Confining your vlog to sitting in front of your steering wheel while the vehicle sits stationary each day is bound to result in a reduced viewership over time. Some of us were drawn to your vlog from your older videos in which you recommended AV programs as well as how to keep our systems running smoothly and securely. You could inject some of that into your daily talks. Anyway… have a good one.

  2. Thanks for the video Craig, been following you for a while – I enjoy your honesty and insight. I did some WP developing a while back until I discovered ModX… Then later I discovered ProcessWire, which is far superior to ModX – you should check it out. I won't go into detail here, there are plenty of reviews out there. But it's really something you have to try out to see the magic. No, I'm not promoting the product and have nothing to gain by doing so – just passing along a discovery that changed everything for me.

  3. Craig, thank you for sharing your experience with WordPress. I have recently run into a problem with theme and plugins conflict too. I'm still trying to get this worked out, and like you said, A person, specifically a business, in this case, does not want to go changing the theme. People who visit my website daily really, really, like the theme. After correspondence with the developers, they are determined to get this plugin issue fixed. Meanwhile, I schedule maintenance more often to make sure everything is working. Thanks, Craig.

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