Installing and Setting Up the Gateway WordPress Theme – ImagineWP

## The Gateway WordPress Theme – Great for businesses, personal brands and just about anything really.

Hey everyone,

In today’s video we take a quick look at a pretty sweet theme called Gateway.

This video covers the installation of the theme, importing of demo content and then tweaking things to make the site/theme look like we want it to.

Checkout the entire post and all the links over at the site –

10 thoughts on “Installing and Setting Up the Gateway WordPress Theme – ImagineWP

  1. Hi there, my "Plugin" function is not appearing under "appearance". I only have



  2. I am pulling my hair out, how do you create the hero page and would like it to slide like the demo shows on theme. I have gateway plus, and I cant' figure what to do when I go to customize and I go to Home and then I have three tabs, static hero image, Hero slider, and featured posts.. I can't get anything to work when I go to Hero slider. If you can help me please let me know. It seems like I am missing something, like maybe a home page? Do I need to add a page for the hero slider?

  3. Hey +Isaac Murphy

    You can definitely set up the site without the plugins. The import process is just a nice way of getting the theme set up to look like the demo does. Definitely not required.

    I'm not 100% sure how to answer the last bit of your question, but I think perhaps that you are currently using a site and are hoping to point your Domain name at it from Godaddy. I wonder if it might be helpful for you to look at the difference between and

    All the best,

  4. Can I set this site up without using the "plugins"? I can't seem to find the homepage (with the large image). Is this because I don't have those plugins? I have a domain name hosted through godaddy, but haven't switched that domain name to this new site, when I do that will I be able to access the plugins? (slightly confused 🙂 ) Thanks!

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