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Instagram Images/Feed Onto Your Website Instagram has been on the rapid rise over the past couple years and in an incredibly useful tool to capture and share photos from events, occasions, and just everyday stuff, but you can also target specific hashtags to display images tagged with such on your website.

31 thoughts on “Instagram feed into your website – Dreamweaver

  1. Great video, clear explanations.
    But: I did all the coding right, but nothing is showing up in my div… I've even giving the div a z-index that's out of this world but there's nothing there… Any ideas?

  2. Hello. Thanks for the tutorial. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me. I get this js error: "Uncaught Error: Error from Instagram: The access_token provided is invalid.". Any idea how I might solve it? Thanks :D

  3. +tutvid If I have a list of instagram userID, let's say I have 10 instagram userId, how do we show recent media posts only for these set of userIds? Thanks

  4. Awesome vid! Got it working with a specific user. Had to jig the Client Id to Token id and look up a user's userID. Really good for someone new to web development.

  5. I just wanna fucking play with it, I don't have a website .'
    And tbh I'm too scared to type in "localhost" for my website xD Is it possible tho?

  6. Does it only get the low-res thumbnail preview?
    I was trying to re-size the images and they got a bit pixelated.
    I'm trying to make mine very similar to the one SnapWidget has on there site.
    They have it set to change size according to browser window size.

  7. Great vid – thanks! Any idea on how to run 2 instances of this on the same page? For example, I'm pulling my entire feed into my footer (figure out the token thing) – but I'd like to pull a tag version in the body of my page as well…Thoughts?

  8. How about adding different instagram accounts or feed using instafeed? is that possible? for example, i have 4 different accounts and i want to show all of them. if i click the hashtag #wonderful  , it should only show up images with hashtag #wonderful , and if click the hashtag #sport , it should only show up images with hashtag #sport, etc…

  9. Hi, thanks for this really clear instructions. I am using webplus x6 and nothing is coming up. The website url and redirect in the manage clients isn't live at the moment. Is this causing the problems? Thanks

  10. If your HTML file and your instafeed.min.js file is in the same folder would I just have 
    <style src = "instafeed.min.js", type = "text"> <style>? Because I have no images appearing.

  11. Is there an existing option to make an instagram feed as a 'mix or collage' effect?
    For example: last 3 photos of your Instagram account in a 'scrambled' order. There is an example on Miley Cyrus website, but I don't want my last three photos in that way.
    I hope to find a code or tutorial where I find how to put my last 3 pictures on a diagonal way or 30° left, for example.

  12. Quick question.  It seems all the tags by everyone else show, but mine do not in the feed.  If I take something, they don't come up…..ideas?

    Awesome tut!

  13. Hey man, im new to development and this is the first time that Im trying to upload an instagram feed…  When loading the preview on my page I get the following at the top of the page, could you maybe assist?

    function showhide() { var div = document.getElementById("newpost"); if ( !== "none") { = "none"; } else { = "block"; } }

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