Increase Your E-Commerce Sales In 7 Minutes (WordPress WooCommerce) Did you know larger product images can help increase sales in your e-commerce website? A study done by Visual Website Optimizer ( supports this finding, noting that in their tests, larger product images increased sales by 9%.

Considering how important visual social networks like Instagram and Pinterest are for e-commerce websites, it’s not a big surprise that larger images can help increase sales.

The question is: “How can you add features similar to e-commerce giants like to increase the size of your product images?” And more importantly: how can you quickly optimize your images to increase sales of products in your e-commerce website?

In this video, learn how to easily add zoom functionality to your WooCommerce-WordPress website to help increase sales. We’ll be using the YI Themes WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier plugin, available for free in the WordPress…

17 thoughts on “Increase Your E-Commerce Sales In 7 Minutes (WordPress WooCommerce)

  1. Dear Katrinah, Your video is very usefull after watching your videos i have decided to make a website using wordpress but i have some question plz rply.
    1) is it safe if i make my travel website using wordpress for hotel room booking and provide tour packages.
    2) do wordpress provide domain name and webhosting service itself and would it be safe if i get domain and webhosting service through wordpress itself or you suggest me hostgator or
    3)can u make a tutorial for hotel room booking website using wordpress please
    i hope you will rply as soon as possible 
    thanx dear

  2. Katrinah makes the best tutorial videos on the web (on website building topics). Everything you need to know can be found. And she uses English, instead of that awful geek-speak that so, so many web tutorials use.

  3. Great Video!! I learned allot from your videos.Will you Please do me a favor. Create a Video ( Woocommerce HTML to WordPress ). I understand every thing when you explain that is why i am asking to make an video for me. I searching about a months but not even find any single tuts. Thanks

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