How Youtube Paid Subscriptions Will Work In 2014 | Plus A Rant

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12 thoughts on “How Youtube Paid Subscriptions Will Work In 2014 | Plus A Rant

  1. Awesome stuff. Your content is definitely worth the money. Thanks for all the great information that you've given us…and all the laughs too.

  2. I don't get people assuming your heartless because you charge for information. People seeking hotel rooms at my job assume I don't have a heart because of the price of a room like this guy two nights ago whom pulled up in a brand new Cadillac wearing a Joseph A. Bank suit tells me something similar because I wouldn't give him the huge discount he wanted. I do have a heart but it's a hotel in an affluent suburb of a major metropolitan city and we're almost sold out so I must follow protocol to make the company profitable. How come these guest checking in don't have the heart to allow me to finish my meal (which they interrupted upon their arrival unintentionally) before checking in? I'm not mad because I love my job and meeting unique people daily but most importantly I chose to be in this industry where I don't have set breaks to eat so I accept the terms gracefully.

  3. We must all never forget this one thing: "You get what you pay for"…If you still feel that you should be given everything for free, Go to work tomorrow and tell your boss that from now on you will work for free. Liberalism is truely a brain disease.

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