How to use WordPress 1 Click Install – Dreamhost tutorial

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This short video tutorial uses the 1-click install function on the web host Dreamhost to install WordPress very quickly and easily. Other web hosts that are set up to attract WordPress uses will offer similar 1-click installs, but here we use Dreamhost.

Visit Dreamhost here:

Once you have a domain name hosted with your web host (either you registered it with them directly or pointed the nameservers to your web host) you simply need to click the 1-click install link in the top left corner of the web hosts control panel (location in Dreamhost).

You are directed to a page with several software install options, but you just need to click on the WordPress link. You then select the domain you want WordPress installed on and either let Dreamhost create a database for you or use an existing database, and click install. It’s as simple as that.

Once WordPress is installed you…

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