How to Quickly Install Multiple WordPress Blogs Using a Single Database

In this video I show how to quickly install a WordPress blog and then replicate it multiple times resulting in multiple independent WordPress installs using a single database.

18 thoughts on “How to Quickly Install Multiple WordPress Blogs Using a Single Database

  1. Thanks,it's very helpfull…

    but i want login same username & password  by all multiple wordpress site that i've.

    just i want 1 admin and password for all wordpress blog..

  2. Is there a way to make 3 blogs that all point and use the same database?  So that when you make a new post, it posts to three "sister websites"?  Is that possible?

  3. Great video, in extension to this video I have an question, how can you connect or interlink all the different blogs on a single front page of a site? Like each tab represents a single blog name. Say there is a main site and I want to have tab or dropdown with the names of the the multiple blogs on this main site so that when a user clicks on a particular tab or dropdown he is taken to the particular blog of his interest?

  4. Hi Thanks for your informative video. I still a doubt to clear.
    For managing multiple sites, as you instructed, i've created wp1, wp2, wp3…. individual blogs. Now I would like to know how do i assign my different domain names for each individual blog. pls let me know

  5. Hi, I have just installed the multiple wordpress sites as per your video and its all working great. However, i spent a fair amount of time creating a theme for the site which i would like to install on the new wordpress sites. is there a way of importing the theme into the new site? i dont think i could go through the whole process of manually recreating the site again.

  6. Hi i really want to do this but is it possible to assign each blog with its own domain name without there being a forward slash wp1 wp2 etc i just want to assign a .com to each blog

  7. Hi, I am needing help on finding out how to create custom styling for individual pages that have their own two column look etc. I don't want to code but want to paste in page code that suits the look I need. Then I know enough about code to modify it to my liking. Do I just use the php file from a template that I like and copy and paste that?

  8. If you have access to your plugins directory through your hosting account, then just download the plugin to your computer, zip it, and then upload it on your other blog through the admin panel. Alternatively, just Google the plugin name and it may still find it out there somewhere to download.

  9. Hi, I know this is not related to this video but was hoping you could help me with a plugin. I have a plugin installed on one of my sites and I want to install it on another site. The problem I have is that it no longer exist in the wordpress repository and I can't find it on the web. Is there a way to download it from my website to my computer? if so how?

  10. @kc6715 Lots of reasons, but one of the most common is if your host limits the number of databases allowed on your account. It's not uncommon for a host to limit you to 1, 2, 5, etc., databases and charge you for more. Another advantage is that you can manage all your blogs in a single db…back up one db and have all your blogs backed up….

  11. Brilliant, now this I have to implement, I often thought about the wp_ prefix to create new tables and left off going the whole way with it..since wordpress is a fundamental to some mobile themes I have there is no holding back..should be a real time saver…thanks again kentucky classroom..saved me more time once again.

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