How to make a VIRAL WEBSITE with WordPress

Check out the site you’ll be making here –

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Be sure to watch this video on researching your niche before you start:

In this video I take you through setting up a complete viral website with WordPress.

Get the theme here:
Get your hosting here: – use code EAGLEPENNY

For easy access, here are the chapters:

Setting up your hosting: 2:38
Changing your nameservers (on a domain you have previously registered): 9:02
Installing WordPress: 10:39
Installing the WordPress theme: 13:59
Making the website look your own: 22:30
Adding your own content: 30:50
Setting up the menu: 37:44
Setting up the featured content across the top: 39:22
Adding your facebook page to the homepage: 41:52
Setting up Mailchimp: 42:40
Customising the footer: 47:16

6 thoughts on “How to make a VIRAL WEBSITE with WordPress

  1. when people go into your website, and make themselves a user, does that create them their own page on your website? and can i delete them from being a user? do they screw up my dashboard?

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