How to Install WordPress – WP101 WordPress Tutorial Series

This video will guide you through the steps needed to install the WordPress content management system on your own domain or web server.

The five steps to install WordPress…

1. First, we’ll download the latest version of WordPress from
2. Then, we’ll upload those files to our web server, using FTP.
3. Third, we’ll create a MySQL database and user for WordPress.
4. Then, we’ll need to configure WordPress to connect to our newly-created database,
5. And last, complete the installation and setup our new website.

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One thought on “How to Install WordPress – WP101 WordPress Tutorial Series

  1. Hi & thank you for the videos! I do not really understand why I need to install wordpress. I already had a blog, without any installation required. All I did was to redirect my blog to my domain. I followed the steps you described, but at the end (min 6:05) I was not asked to enter my data. I just logged in. To sum up, I transferred the wp files using filezilla, but I am not sure if I successfully installed wp, and I do not know what the benefit of this will be. Could you help me out? Thank you!

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