How to Install Facebook Box Plugin For WordPress 2016

Learn 2 different ways to add Facebook social plugin to WordPress in this video. This plugin will include a nice Facebook like box into your website sidebar.

Your visitors will be able to easily see your Facebook news feed but also like or share your fan page.

I also decided to include two alternative installation options. If for some reason, you’re having problems using the code provided by Facebook then try option number two.

Where I explain how to install a WordPress plugin, which will not only do exactly the same but offer far more customization features.

1 – How to Manually Setup Facebook Plugin For WordPress?

Step 1 – Go to Facebook developers’ web page here:

Step 2 – Copy and paste your fan page URL into the required field

Step 3 – Click on, “Get Code”

Step 4 – Grab the code appearing in part 2 and paste it in header.php file under the body section as shown in the video.

Step 5 – Grab the code presented in…

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