How to Create A Profitable Online Business HKF 002

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24 thoughts on “How to Create A Profitable Online Business HKF 002

  1. Glendon I agree.. I am the Queen of research. I also listen to Podcast, read books and Google with different articles. Also self teaching myself, the book is called the Modern ERP. I am developing a PowerPoint slide and taking notes that helps me learn and retain information. I have 25 years in supply/logistical with business information systems, and I have other experiences but what do u suggest? Consulting?

  2. Glendon, I'm 16 and I netted over 2k last month from my blog. It's only a year old and has been growing fast lately. Thanks for your videos! I've been on your channel for about a year as well.

  3. I just registered my business which will be an online fashion site launching soon and I'm very very excited about it but I didn't register it as an llc just yet I only registered it as victicious name now is that a good way to start being that I'm not launching until next year or should I be starting right out with An llc???

  4. If I could make a suggestion (or a few): bounce a little more light off of one side of your face (white poster board clamped to something should work fine), or if you (still) have the softboxes, put one on the side of your face (out of frame, of course), with the natural light still coming into the room through the window/sliding glass door from the opposite angle. Also, you might want to grade (color correct) to pull out some of the blue so the footage doesn't feel so "cold," to give the feeling (visually) of warmth, to add to the feeling of authenticity. I highly recommend Lynda (the website) if you have the time to invest into learning more about not only lighting, but also color correction (in programs like After Effects). Having been to art school, I can say that that site, in some ways, is actually better (and a lot cheaper) for learning certain things (not everything, just certain things). Cheers.

  5. Glendon, don't you think this Internet Marketing thing is a bubble. I know your from the real physical products world but a lot of these folks learn from guru's who teach them how to be a coach. Then they go create products that teach others to be coaches. So now we have all these coaches with no real world experience. Another thing is udemy, lot of courses with basic no value information just so peeps can cut a check. Where's the real pot of gold??

  6. I have both but mainly a business. Business because I have structure, metrics, a system and I own the name (LOL). Hustle also because I hustle within my business to get shit moving to another level. to me the hustle is the grind part, the working in the dark part when no one is looking. I suppose someone could label it whatever they like. That is why I don't label my religion, I feel labels can sometimes get confusing in trying to understand something. So that is my two cents.

  7. how many hours would a person have to put in for all that mess. so much energy into BS they could have created multiple businesses with all that energy. i feel bad for people who are that consumed/stalking you thats weird. did you have to SUE over the fake channels. Man..if your account can be suspended you do not have a business. I have both I am hustling (uber, instacart, apartment locating as a realtor) to keep cashflow consistent but my 2 business is servicing apartments/I do not clean them I send folks in to do it. 2nd business is online coffee (work with a local roaster to bag up the beans) direct to customer via mail and amazon fba. love the look of the new camera..nice. gary vaynerchuck is all about that personal brand. famous amos let go for 3 million dollars thats sad….its such little million even in the 1990s. he could have built it so much bigger.

  8. LOL…One of the main reasons I knew I had to work for myself is because I use to work with some wacko's. Specifically, this vietnam viet who use to start rocking back and forth on his sit and then he would start making the sound effect of grenades fly through the air and then exploding. I just to look at him and think…"I need to get the fuck out of here". Eventually, I told my boss I was going for a break and then I walked the fuck out.

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