How to Become a Web Designer in 2015 | Design Careers

How to Become a Web Designer | Web Design Careers
This is Practical Advice for Staring a Web Design Career. Becoming a Web Designer and how to get started is a question many designers often ask me about on this channel.

Learning web design, learning html code and learning design principles matter. But you need to understand what a web design career and working as a web designer actually involves and how to get hired as a web designer by clients and employers. What they expect and need from you.

Common questions include what Web Design Software you need to learn, Do You Need to Learn HTML Coding, Do you need to go to college to learn Web Design or can you learn HTML and things you need to on your own?

In this video I will talk about all these topics including:

Do You Need to Code to Be a Web Designer
Planning Websites With Clients and Supervisors
What Software and Tools You Need as a Web Designer
Hand Coding vs WYSIWYG vs CMS Web Design
What Do You Need to Start a Website
How To…

33 thoughts on “How to Become a Web Designer in 2015 | Design Careers

  1. I feel like you aren't properly differentiating web designers and a web developers in this video.
    A web designer who can't really design but can proficiently code is a web developer. A web designer who can design well, but isn't good with code is just a web designer. Additionally, web developers nowadays are mainly divided into two groups – Front-End and Back-End, along with Full-stack developers. And web designers can also be UI designers, or UX designers.

    There's a major misconception that inexperienced people and clients have, where they think a web designer can build websites. In reality, the majority of web designers know absolutely nothing about code, and if you ask them to build you a website they are going to use a Square Space or a WordPress theme and hack together a clunky site that barely works, is slow and vulnerable. Every good website ever made will more than likely have been created with the collaboration of a web designer and a web developer, or teams of both.

  2. When you are marking up a website I wouldn't call that coding (It is technically.) The PHP, for example, in wordpress has been "coded." The HTML and CSS has been "marked up." I would say marking up a website is design.

  3. You are an extraordinary individual.  Your philosophy is such a great example and you are a true inspiration. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Let’s Create Something Awesome!

  4. Hello Roberto ,
    I am a front web developer (beginner) , I have been told to get ready as a web designer with in next month as the job requirement is for a dual post of developer and designer… I have quite a good IDEA about development please let me know which tools i need to learn and what ever else i need to go through…email-:
    thanks in advance

  5. actually HTML5 and CSS3 are required to became web integrator and web design
    no one will pay you to just make template with photoshop or illustrator
    and that's necessary in my country "Tunisia"
    I don't know why but here in tunisia employers demande to do both front end and back end
    photoshop, illustrator, html5, css3, javascrip, jquery, bootstrap, frameworks(symfony2, zend), php5 POO, and cms(wordpress, magento, prestashop), UML
    and all that in just one profile _"

  6. Hey, Roberto. I am interested in website design, but I am not very talented in the visual arts (e.g., can't draw or paint well). However, I enjoy using software like photoshop and dreamweaver. Would my aspirations in web design be fruitless if I am not artistic? Please let me know your thoughts.

  7. King Roberto of Web Dev/Design, first of his name! 🙂
    Man, thank you so much, you made a lot of messy things in my head crystal clear now! 26 years old and looking to change the course of my career, you gave the best directions so far!
    Make some videos about your projects or methodology of your workflow, would help too.
    And yeah, should I mention- s u b s c r i b e d!

  8. I had an interest in web design when I was a teen back when AOL was still around. I would also play around with the codes from existing pages. I'm thinking of giving it another try. I actually found a free training course on web design from the Alison website if anyone else is interested.

  9. Hey Robert again! haha its amazing every time I watch and video I have a follow up question and low and behold there is a video for that to haha so thanks for that! my question is this.. Web design is design and structure of actual Web sites with pages and content and GRAPHIC DESIGN is designing logos,AD's, flyers, digital media,ect…is this correct?

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