How to Become a Pianist in Ten Lessons – Lesson 6: Putting it Together

Lesson 7:

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Modal Theory –

Basic Notation –

In this video, we will not focus on three points as in the others. Instead, this will involve putting what you have taken from other lessons all together into a ‘playing’ of your piano. I encourage you to write a composition, in fact. You will review the structure of learning we have adopted: self-awareness, removal of doubt, the block of 12 notes forming a visualisation of the piano (physically and mentally); we then discuss note naming, consider that there are no black and white notes, only numbers, look at whole tone and half tone intervals and then find a major scale using the template WWH, WWWH tone intervals.

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Forming triads enables you to play major, then minor (by dropping the…

11 thoughts on “How to Become a Pianist in Ten Lessons – Lesson 6: Putting it Together

  1. First time I feel truly 'lost' trying to play you're book composition. Just can't seem to do to. Feel like I'm missing something. Should I stop as feel like giving up or can you help me with steps to coordinate my left/right. Have done well with chords, etc up to this song. Help, please.

  2. Cannot find YouTube video A Philosophical approach to playing the piano: the ebook composition
    Found the music on soundcloud…beautiful. But I need help/tutorial as stated in the book page 159. Exciting as was an absolute beginner the middle of December…so I. Less than 3 months I,m ready to try this! Thank you, Dan!

  3. Thank you so much Dan. I just love your videos. As a beginner i must say i am so amazed of your philosophy focusing on the mind and on self expression.
    I am having so much fun right now trying to compose my own music with this chord progression:)
    I have two questions :

    1) I am training on playing the chords in a broken way. But it seems that i feel more comfortable when playing it in order. Playing it the other way makes my mind focus on my left hand. Is this an issue?

    2) It seems that i always play more or less the same melody while trying to play so I am sometimes using the notes of the scales and not only the notes of the chords to make it different is it a good way ?

    May be i will post my composition when ready. I am a little shy about it tho:)

  4. What model of Yamaha is this what you use. I have to know. I am about to buy a new one but I must be sure that it is good in sound. Your piano sounds nice and I would probably buy the same if it's not to expensive i hope. 

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