How to Add Video to the Revolution Slider

How to add youtube or stock video into the Rev Slider –

Link to stock videos

Link to helpful instructions

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28 thoughts on “How to Add Video to the Revolution Slider

  1. Greetings!

    Just one question. Please don't make me go to the developer's site. That's really painful.
    Rev slider came with my WordPress X Theme template. Slider version 4.3.8
    Won't upload video (Video not Found!) as per your instructions. Updates are ridiculously complicated for a novice. Do I need to purchase a newer version?

    If any urge to give me advice moves you, I'd really appreciate a suggestion.

    Thank you!


  2. I've done everything I could to bring up a YouTube video. I push "Search" and it continues to say, "Video not found!" Any suggestions? The YouTube ID is: aaAXNZW0iBE
    Embedding is allowed (the setting is set correctly).
    Thanks for your time.

  3. This video is very very helpful.
    I have one doubt.
    In rev slider 5.0+ has any way to Automatically loop to next slide when Finishes the current slide youtube video playing.

  4. For some reason, when I try to hide the controls, the "play" button still comes up on the video and I can pause the video. Is there a way for it to continue to playing and not allow the user to control the video ?

  5. Hello How are you ? Great Videos …..
    Thanks for posting them.
    I would like to ask you something, i am using RV Slider, what i would like to do is to put a video on the slider. Just for mobile version but if i do it this way, i wont look good.
    So what i would like to do its to have a click to watch video .

    Thanks again for you great job

  6. If I'm understanding what you think is not there @3:45 – there is a way – click "edit video". Thanks for the video though..I was looking for a down and dirty way to do a BG Vid quickly. Thought of RevSlider first – did a whole bunch of research only to come BACK to this solution.

  7. First, I just want to thank you for making such great tutorials. Honestly, you are smart, friend, make a killer video that is easy to follow. You have been SO HELPFUL to me as I grow my business. That being said, i need your help. What program are you using to make these awesome presentations? I LOVE IT. I am currently on Webex and it is killing me. My end product (video) doesn't match the quality of the material being presented. Can you give me a few pointers on what your using to record such sharp presentations??

  8. perhaps you can a different tutorial showing how to add a video starting from scratch. don't have all that stuff you show on your screen or know how to create it. no matter what we try we cannot make a video that plays less than full width and of course that looks lousy. and one cannot stop the video, only X out of the page. I want a video in a small box on the page, like a bunch of text boxes and one has video. maybe the theme will not do that but nobody on the internet seems to know how to accomplish this that I have found. Must be other people wanting a smaller video too.

  9. Great how to video. I need to create a how to video for one of my projects. What software do you use? I like the small screen with you talking through the steps. Thank you in advance!

  10. HI, I was wondering if there was a way to bypass having to place a cover image when using a video on a slide? I would love to have the video run as soon as page loads :)

  11. hi is there an updated video please as my slider rev looks nothing like this one, and also when im adding a layer and a video one im entering the url but its saying its invalid and there is no video?

  12. Is there a way to just add an audio track, no video – for example, like a voice-over track? If the audio needs to change for each slide, does this mean I have to create or break up into separate tracks and upload them as videos separately?

  13. Thanks for this great video, I pasted the Youtube ID and I got this message: Video Not Found! Do you have any idea why?
    Thanks in advance

  14. Hi, I have an issue uploading a video to the media library. I get a http error (and nothing else), uploading via ftp is useless since the video won't appear in the library (no matter what changes I make to it's atributes.

    Do you have any hints?

  15. I am also having the same problem as Errol…when I copy and paste the video URL from YouTube, I get a message saying "Video not found."  Any suggestions?

  16. +Kori Ashton and the +WebTegrity team this video is great part of the Rev Slider that makes the plugin so much more powerful and useful. Today +WPBeginner – WordPress Tutorials mention the Rev Slide in their review of the top 5 slider plugins.  This new feature (at least to me) makes me so happy I purchased the slider.  People who may be watching this video or the collection of videos from +WebTegrity  and the has dozens of other videos that have helped so many people in developing and building their WordPress websites.  Big shout out to +WP Engine, +WP Elevation,  +WP101 and +VenturePoint for their continual support of the group and its members.

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