How to add plugins for WordPress Blogs

1.Go to the site WordPress and record access
2.Keep your mouse on the plugin and choose add new
3.We are writing to Add that we want the search box name
4.After the emergence of customized Add to click on the Install Now
5.To click to activate the plugin

We have a recommend plugins list for all WordPress blogs, but we never considered that something essential was missing from that tutorial. That something was a step by step guide to install a WordPress plugin. Few of our users requested this tutorial via email, so in this article we will show you three different ways you can use to install a WordPress plugin in WordPress.
A lot of users have asked us that they can’t see the plugins screen in their WordPress dashboard. It is because you are using which has its limitations. In order to use plugins, you would need to use self-hosted (See this article that explains the difference between Self Hosted vs If you want to…

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  1. Hello I have a question… how do I Install the Plugins option in My wordpress Dashboard? I mean mine doesn't have it and I heard that you need to download the wordpress program itself but I did it and didn't work.. because my download compressed… Help!

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