Grace Waitara interview [Part I] – Kenyan Mums With Faith Mwaura []

Kenyan Mums with Faith Mwaura

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Host – Faith Mwaura
Gynecologist – Jean Kagia
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Absolute Media Pictures/CTA – Cleaning The Airwaves

Welcome to Kenyan mums, this page is for pregnant women and new mums who believe there is an easier way to train children. We can learn from the experiences of other mums, we do not plan on re-inventing the wheel as we raise our children but we can tweak and ‘twerk’ what has worked for other mothers and have bliss with parenting.

We plan on stepping on the shoulders of the ones who have gone before us and made it. We hope to leave a trail for the ones coming behind us so they can be rest assured that parenting is meant to be a joyful experience. We cannot live our lives always…

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