Get traffic to your blog-Get traffic using wordpress

The idea is trying to get your articles on very well written article websites. As well as very high ranking article directories.

The idea in theory is to rank very well for certain keywords and or phrases that they wish to target to their website.

By giving these keywords placed correctly within your article, you will attract the search engines, once the search engines find your article they can send targeted traffic to your website.

I should tell you how ever, the most important issue at hand is the quality of your article simply because your quality controls your CTR rating. CTR stands for (click through rate) the click through rate is measured in percentage in the percentage is on a scale of one through 100.

Example; if you had a click through rate of 2% you would receive two web visits out of 100 article views. You can get the most amount of traffic of any other article on the Internet, however, if you have a long click the rate you will not…

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