Etsy Business Chat Session Tonight!! #Etsy

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One thought on “Etsy Business Chat Session Tonight!! #Etsy

  1. It's Froggy (mum) is my hero. My daughter got me into a few of these channels including the others you mentioned (there are many many other great channels too).
    I heavily researched this last year and you're right; there isn't a lot of information out there in helping others get started.

    Playing dolls is my daughters life and I love making things for her, (we've made sets and furniture too) part of the recipe right? I've looked into so much about this even down to scripting/story telling.

    However, it's a time issue for me as I have a crochet business that I am kind of resistant to give up on completely because I haven't done all I can with that. Saying that, when I discovered this new world which was so long ago now, I intuitively felt pulled to it. I'm currently working on a project and thought I would test the market and see how it goes. If I could be successful in any I would probably pick the toy/doll crafting channel as I think this is something that could be my daughters in the long run. :)

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