Customizing WordPress #7 – Adding A JavaScript File Part 1

The 7th video in the Customizing WordPress tutorial series. Here we write and troubleshoot our first function in our functions.php template and show you how to add a JavaScript file to your theme.

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9 thoughts on “Customizing WordPress #7 – Adding A JavaScript File Part 1

  1. in 6:05 the video reloads (??) and there is an extra.js script in line 29 where 5 secs before there's nothing there … how come ?? Followed each step one by one but just can't make wp link my .js file 

    Great tuts by the way … Regards from Greece

  2. I have a site that I add a function to the functions.php file. Every time I update the theme I have to remember to replace that function. If I add a function.php file to my child theme that only contains the function that I want to add to the theme, will that work? Does it work like the styles.css in the child theme?

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