41 thoughts on “Customize Your WordPress Login | Registration Page

  1. Ok I did everything you said but I still cannot get my login to redirect to second page on my website. when I go to settings, login/logout redirect and select the url for login paste it then update. It does not update. WHY? It will send them to my home page and that is not what I want.  How do I redirect to my second page?

  2. Hi Seth, Is there is easy way to allow viewers to register and then login to access any one page in wordpress? Divi theme? Once a visitor visits any particular page on a site he should find a registration form and once he registers he should have the access to view that page..Need to restrict access to only one page not all..Pls let me know.. – Elina

  3. How can I create a customer panel? The information is for any customer different. Think about invoices and the packet that the customer have selected. Sorry for my bad english!

  4. I am building a health care website. where both patient and doctors are allowed to register. Here I want to register doctors by different registration form and should be available with different role. and patient different registration form. and different page . any idea plugin or any code .

  5. Hello great video. Very easy but I am having an issue. I figured everything else out. Followed all the directions but I can't seem to get more then  a small box to show up as my logo. 

  6. great vid, im starting a website for my business and am thinking of using wordpress. I want my customers to be able to sign up to the website (for free) mainly so i have a email list of all my clients and can email theme about deals etc. Where does wordpress save my customers username and emails?

  7. be careful when selecting images. Find a stockfree image website to pick from. If you use someone else's created image without their consent you could get into alot of trouble. Especially if your site is related to a business.

  8. Hi Seth
    I am building a website for my fraternity chapter and there are specific documents that I want to restrict for non-paid members. If they are paid, they have access. If they are not paid up then I can take away their access. Is this not the way to go?


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