Customize Sydney WordPress Theme

Sydney free WordPress theme tutorial demo and website setup, using Sydney theme version 1.20

Note: They replaced the settings file with this amazing plugin


11 thoughts on “Customize Sydney WordPress Theme

  1. Hi Greg, This is my first web page and the video made it fairly easy. I need a little help changing the Employee part to my Dog page. I would like to stop the photo from turning red when it is hovered over and add a link to the Photo. I would also like to add a color to the main content of the page so the background isn't white. Is there something else I should use here. Thank you

  2. Hello Greg. Thank you for a great tutorial! For some reason, my Category section has disappeared from Employees! I can see it from the Dashboard in Posts, but I don't know how it got erased from the Employee section. Can you help me to return it?

  3. does sydney theme can make a ecommerce/product page?can you teach me what plugin to use. Woocomerce is not compatible for the sydney theme. hope you can help me.

  4. Hey Greg Narayan there is a problem with plugin Types. For some reason my website goes to an error and my 1&1 hosting has to Deactivate the plugin. Can you help or tell us what is the problem?

    This is what is showing:

    Fatal error: 'break' not in the 'loop' or 'switch' context in /homepages/1/d606512065/htdocs/clickandbuilds/wp-content/plugins/types/embedded/common/toolset-forms/lib/ on line 1012

    Kind Regards

    PS: What do you think of that theme called Suffusion?

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