Create a Website – Restaurant and Cafe – WordPress Avada Theme

Learn how to create a website for your own Restaurant or Cafe (or anything else!) We show you step by step how to build your own website, here is a demo –

Are YOU the restaurant/cafe owner? Want to leverage web strategies to get a stream of hungry people to your door? We would love to partner with you, get in touch asap –


There is nothing technical involved, so it’s perfect for beginners to get a professional finish. Follow along with this video step by step to make your own.




Alternate Demo Method

Table of Contents:

00:20 – Live desktop and…

22 thoughts on “Create a Website – Restaurant and Cafe – WordPress Avada Theme

  1. If anyone is seeing like 'are you sure you want to do this' while installing theme. Try changing max_execution_time=60 post_max_size=50M upload_max_filesize=50M in php.ini. webservice restart might be required e.g. service httpd restart.

    I noticed that the System Tab of Avada in WP Dashboard, there were some suggestions about changing WP Memory Limit. To do that, add this line define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M'); somewhere in wp-config.php

    To meet PHP Max Input Vars recommendations, find max_input_vars= and set value according to the recommendation eg. max_input_vars=15000

    If Demo Import is failing for someone, try increasing memory_limit to 256 in php.ini. web service restart might be required.

    Great tutorial emediacoach. Thanks for the effort.

  2. In case anyone else had an issue with the logo not being displayed properly on the main banner, +eMediaCoach explains how to manipulate it at 1:03:50. The key is to go to Appearance > Theme Options > Logo > Default Logo.

  3. Great videos..Thank you very much..I learned a lot from you..Great coach..I hope if you can tell me how to create an affiliate webstore that promote different retailers products like amazon,ebay and clickbank for example..what if a client add to cart a product from amazon and onother product from ebay?!..I can't figure it out..please advice

  4. wow.. great video, i was having trouble to edit my page for ages until i found your tutorial. Really great job!!

    i have a question – how do i edit the logo on the footer?

  5. Hi There , you guys have great customer support and this video is very useful. I want to create a new website for kindergarten do you have similar sort of video and theme I can buy? Would it let me install demo content same as this theme?

  6. Ticket Number 75008 – I bought your avada theme, and want to make changes to the pages, but every time I go to edit the page it doesn't open at all. It is stuck at the attached screen. This is for all the pages.

  7. can't you just go into dashboards—> avada—>install demos and choose cafe demo rather than installing all in one migration and going to that link to find the cafe demo?

  8. The best Avada demo tutorial! How about doing one more on the new "Modern Shop" demo with WooCommerce. Looking forward forward it! Great job! Thanks you ver much!

  9. great video.. but i am having trouble downloading the cafe demo.. are you using specific program to open it and save it to the desktop? or a specific browser that makes a difference

  10. Thanks for all of your videos, they have been extremely helpful ! Please keep doing them, I do have a question ? If I have a fitness blog and I want to have a store on there, do I need to create a separate website and link this from my blog – OR – is there a way for me to run the store from my blog ?

    If you could help that would be much appreciated.


  11. Great Video!! Thank you so much, I learned more these last 2 hours then I have all year from searching various forums.

    I have a question- How would I add my Blog feed to the main menu and add call to actions contact boxes so prospective clients could reach me? Call to action box as a sidebar on any Static page or Blog post?

    I will be using an Avada template

    Please and thank you so much!

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