Contact Form 7 for WordPress Tutorial

UPDATE: The quality was lacking in this one so try this one: it’s much clearer. – specifically created for a client available for sharing. This is a simple look at how to use Contact Form 7 on WordPress (WP version in this video is 3.1)

13 thoughts on “Contact Form 7 for WordPress Tutorial

  1. another great contact form in wordpress is best contact form. Search the plugin section for "best contact form" (without the parenthesis) and install it from there. It's free, easy to use and tracks keywords.

  2. I work as a web developer and I just recorded a series of video tutorials about wordpress. WP experts say that it's the most extensive wordpress video series of 2013. I posted a sample video from the course on my channel. go check it out….

  3. Fantastic Intro to Contact Form 7 and the Contact Form to DB or Database Extension plugin for WordPress. While following along, I noticed that you must use the new form to actually send a message before you attempt to "select a form" on the DB Extension Database screen. Thank you for doing this intro.

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