Beginning WordPress Tutorial: FREE Full 1 Hour Basic WordPress Training.

WordPress Tutorial for Beginners

FREE full 1 hour Basic WordPress Training. Everything you need to know to manage your own WordPress website from beginning to end (in this video the WordPress installation and a theme are already installed).

Learn WordPress: How to login, create pages, post to your blog, upload images, edit content, edit widget areas, add links, etc.

This was an actual customer training of WordPress held live via web conference which was recorded then edited. This customer’s website was under a WordPress Multisite installation, but the stuff we cover is basically the same and still applies if you are using a normal WordPress installation (self hosted

*** SiteSubscribe Training Outline ***

Logging in to the WordPress Dashboard:
-drag and drop dashboard widgets
-add page
-page editor
–Visual Editor, HTML view
–upload image
–edit image
–insert link
–page template
–featured image
–page meta

5 thoughts on “Beginning WordPress Tutorial: FREE Full 1 Hour Basic WordPress Training.

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  2. Ok, I just clicked on James Richardson's youtube link below. He's promoting his courses(fee- based) on this guy's page, that's pretty damn low and scummy. Folks there are enough free tutorials and resources on the web that you don't have to "Pay" for courses on WordPress, and there's always the library. I would boycott this guy's channel because he crossed ehtical and professional boundries trying to steer people from this guy's channel to his own cost-based training.

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