Beginners intro to PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build

Watch a *simple* phone app go from zero to running on a phone in 20 minutes. Uses, and

36 thoughts on “Beginners intro to PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build

  1. A great thank you for your efforts in creating this video. By following it step-by-step, I created this app and it works flawlessly. Off course, there's some work to be done (grin) but this workflow has great advantages. Looking forward to more of your videos.

  2. Hi Bernhard,

    This is a fantastic video and without knowing anything, I got enlightened so much on PhoneGap!

    One request from my side!

    Please send me all artifacts like html, js, etc and also the steps one by one.

    Are there any prerequisites for running this tutorial, like Phone Build/Phone Gap account?

    I highly appreciate your help.


  3. Simple is exactly what it needed to be and for me, is just what I wanted.
    I've always been mystified by Github, but knew it was more useful than I could figure out.
    Now I'm going to dig a bit deeper….. 
    Great starter demo.
    Ignore the naysayers!

  4. "git init" does not work for me…when I type git init in my console, a message wth "the command git could not found" I  created a new repository on and now I dont know what to do…

  5. Nice video!
    Very helpful for beginners who want to make their career in mobile app development industry. We also recommend to use PhoneGap framework to our clients because it enable developers easy to build native apps. 

  6. I believe that every javascript teaching video should do at least one mistake whose resolution steps should then be shown. (Other languages can join in.) In real life people do mistakes but those books (and videos too) which have code examples which are completely sanitized of all mistakes are to be considered inferior. Such books ask learners to behave like a typing robots who are assumed to do no mistakes. (A version of that stupidity is to make perfect code available on a companion website.) And variable names differing in cAsE are one of the first mistakes a new learner of javascript will make. Important thing is to know how to debug.

  7. Thank you for making this simple to understand Bernhard!  I was having trouble for a while with the code but then (as my MO) I missed something SIMPLE!!!!!  I missed single quotes (' ') on one of my results in index.html.  So when it comes to making syntax errors it happens to the best of us?

    Thanks again!

  8. WHAT A GIGANTIC  WASTE OF TIME.. I corrected the typo before you even got there.. still does nor work.. I don't have console and using Terminal ( I am on a Mac  ) is not what I want to learn .. I like to see the graphical end so that I can see it worked… lost you after that..  NEXT!!! 
     chip chip.. 

  9. This is awesome. I am trying to find a way to do the whole process online, using nothing but the internet and chrome browser and the resources you mentioned. Would you recommend something like as a way to do the HTML coding completely online, then connect that with github, then go from there?

    I am not sure as I have never tried that before.

    Thanks for an awesome tutorial, I hope you will make more to build on that phone app.


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