3 hours to Docker fundamentals: Jumpstart your Docker knowledge

Aater Suleman
Docker, the new trending containerization technique, is gaining interest from organizations of all sizes with its lightweight, portable, “build once, configure once and run anywhere” functionalities. Docker skills are expected to be in high-demand because of its ability to streamline workflow and reduce the need for hardware investment.

This tutorial focuses on providing an in-depth understanding of Docker and how to containerize Python web applications. Docker provides a mechanism for low overhead virtualization and can be a key aspect of a DevOps architecture. Docker allows isolated environments to be created in a single machine without imposing a performance overhead. This leads to new possibilities for optimizing the developer flows and creating multi-tenant applications, saving time coding and improving quality.

This tutorial will…

14 thoughts on “3 hours to Docker fundamentals: Jumpstart your Docker knowledge

  1. Definitely a great tutorial, I used to use LXC, and may consider docker, but need very much testing. I actually used LXC pre 1.0, after some discussion at my local LUG, so maybe my problems with it will not be there for containers now.

    This video for me was very easy to listen to, and as I have read lots about docker, some possibly miscommunicated. I Didn't like the idea of using Docker like vagrant (run MySQL, Apache, PHP), but then if we didn't have differences in opinion there would be no point in research, and innovation would hit the floor…

  2. Excellent video. Can you please force stretch the aspect ratio by putting this in the tag? "yt:stretch=16:9" That will adjust the aspect ratio to 16:9 instead of the current 4:3.

  3. At around 43:00 minutes, the video gets stuck and the audio gets muted. Anyone else faced this problem ? Is there a alternate high res video available for download ?

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