179 WP-Tonic: WP Shout and the Business of WordPress Tutorials

The crew from WPShout (Fred Meyer, David Hayes, Alex Denning) joins us to talk running a WordPress tutorial site, the state of WordPress education, how WPShout supports their agency Press Up.

Also, the launch of the second edition of their course, Up and Running: A Practical Guide to WordPress Development.

Learn WordPress Development with Up and Running—Launching Today!

Be sure to check out their boutique WordPress agency, Press Up:



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Table of Contents for Episode 179

0:00 Podcast intros.
2:52 How did each of the WP Shout members get into web development?
5:51 What is the origin story for WPShout?
9:40 Is there value in having a voice in the WordPress ecosystem, even if it doesn’t bring in work…

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