#13 Adding & Removing WordPress Widgets On Your Blog

http://www.InternetIncomeUniversity.com – Personal instruction on how to add & remove widgets from your WordPress blog. Widgets let you control some of the layout and design of your blog to display what you want.

6 thoughts on “#13 Adding & Removing WordPress Widgets On Your Blog

  1. I found the easiest way to add and remove widgets on a wordpress blog look into Total Widget Control. You have a cleaner user interface than WP's standard drag and drop and a lot more features.

  2. Thanks SO MUCH for your great tips & good teaching skills. I am now looking for your video on how to add plugins to connect with Social Media.. THANK YOU in advance, Darin

  3. Am I taking crazy pills or did your archives just decide to disappear after you made the widget changes? I have been trying to get rid of the Widgets I don't want with no luck. It seems to me WordPress is a little loopy or is it the theme?

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